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About Larry

Born: October 12, 1938

Died: March 8, 2014

Birthplace: Blackfood, Idaho, USA

Residence: Salt Lake, Utah, USA

Nickname: The Legend

Height: 5' 6" (170 cm)

Weight: 205 lbs (93 kg)

Mr. & Masters Olympia Results

1965 - IFBB Mr. Olympia : 1st

1966 - IFBB Mr. Olympia : 1st

Titles Won

1960 - AAU Mr. California

1960 - AAU Mr. California (Most Moscular)

1962 - IFBB Mr. America

1963 - IFBB Mr. Universe (Medium)

1964 - IFBB Mr. Universe

1965 - IFBB Mr. Olympia

1966 - IFBB Mr. Olympia

Larry Scott, "The Legend", established and personified bodybuildingís beach Adonis image, and duly became the sportís Golden Boy after winning the IFBB Mr. America title in 1962 and the IFBB Mr. Universe in 1964. He was the first-ever IFBB Mr. Olympia in the contestís initial two years of life, 1965 and 1966.

Joe Weiderís brainchild of a competition got the perfect first-time winner in Larry. Of all the Hall of Fame inductees, perhaps Scott started with the least raw potential.

Told he was too narrow-shouldered (a condition then considered insurmountable) he persevered and packed on prodigious mounds of delt muscle which, coupled with the greatest arms in bodybuilding, enabled him to present front double-biceps shots that worked up a crowd like no other.

Before claiming the Mr. Olympia title, Scott took Mr. America in 1962, the Mr. Universe title in 1964, and had a minor role in the 1964 movie Muscle Beach Party.

Scott was also a popular physique model during the early to mid 1960s, working for such famous photographers as Bruce of LA and Don Whitman, of Western Photography Guild. His "posing strap" material for Pat Milo (known professionally as simply "Milo") is today considered fine art.

It was Milo who introduced Scott to a wide, appreciative audience and helped him hone his posing and photographic persona: that of the "boy next door." Larry regularly appeared in all of Joe Weider's bodybuilding magazines, including Mr. America and Muscle Builder, and he also figured prominently in Demi Gods, Muscleboy, and The Young Physique.

Witnesses still say that the audience reaction to his 1966 IFBB Mr. Olympia entrance was the most vociferous and emotional ever seen at a bodybuilding contest. Scott's retirement at the age of 28 sent shock waves throughout the sport.

But Scott had other priorities (a second marriage), and after two Olympia wins, he'd done all he could do in competitive bodybuilding. A devout Mormon, Larry lived in Salt Lake City, where he died on March 8, 2014 at 75.

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